Temporary Agency

Posted by on Feb 3, 2014 in Call for Participation, News, Upcoming exhibition


We are pleased to introduce Temporary Agency.

Temporary Agency is an experimental workplace – an evolving space where productivity and purpose are examined.

Temporary Agency provides you with assignments via a specifically designed Random Assignment Database (R.A.D)

The R.A.D is capable of generating over 10 million assignments, which are ready and waiting to be fulfilled. Visit the R.A.D now to select an assignment!

Who Are We?

At Temporary Agency we are what we do. We are Lizzy Sampson, Herve Senot and You.

Our rigorous process of accrual, consolidation, assemblage and assessment aims to establish our agency as a leader in the field of findings, learnings and outcomes – if only temporarily.

Visit the R.A.D now!

Temporary Agency opens on 6 March at West Space gallery. 

All contributions received from the R.A.D will form part of the Temporary Agency Project.

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