Early in 2021 I was employed as a Mentor to artists as part of the Creative Workers in Schools program through Regional Arts Victoria. The work was so inspiring it solidified my love of mentoring and supporting artists and creative workers.

I really enjoy the process of nutting out ideas, problem solving, listening, setting goals and figuring out boundaries with people – whether it be during a specific project or over the course of a studio practice.

I offer 1:1 mentorship to independent artists with any level of experience. While my background is grounded in visual arts, installation and media arts, I have worked with painters, sculptors, performance artists, emerging fashion and textile designers, sound artists and a number of multi-disciplinary practitioners over the past ten years in mentorship roles.

I live and work in Melbourne, and can offer mentorship to artists anywhere in the world, via zoom or skype.

Mentorship can be tailored to your specific goals and there is a fee and capacity limits. The structure of the mentorship is negotiable, and could range from a single session, to hour long sessions over six months.

Contact me for details if you are interested.

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