Dollars and Sense takes a humorous yet sinister look at the current political, social and economic discourse in Australia. Institutional language and forms are parodied, discourse is enacted and arts practice is used as a model for critiquing the logic of capitalism and the rationalization of economic and political decision making. Through hand-made forms, found objects and wordplay, the work exposes and explores the historical forms and language of economic institutions, politics and the mining industry in Australia; humorously absurd and ominously reflective.

Dollars and Sense
Wood, masking tape, pencil, copper tap, resin, branches, texta, newspaper, string, flour, calico, cardboard, pencil.

Read a review of Dollars and Sense at Firstdraft gallery here.

Dollars and Sense
Firstdraft Gallery
July, 2013
Liquid Assets Prospects Mine Map
Take Free

Moving Forward Moving Forward Dollars and Sense install Dollars and Sense install





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Dollars and Sense
RMIT MFAGraduation exhibition
November, 2012Branch Manager installation view
Installation view copy
Liquid Assets_Small copy
Negative Growth_Small copy Prosperity Measures copy Take Free Small copy Taps small The Market and I & Or copy


Branch Manager sign only

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