The Local Observatory for Ecosystem Services (LOfES) was set up during a collaborative residency with Hervé Senot at CAMAC in Marnay-sur-Seine, France. Under the guise of LOfES, we looked for farm work in Marnay-sur-Seine by distributing ‘Looking for Work’ notices. With no success, we began to perform unsolicited tasks such as gathering moss, collecting and removing rocks from crops, and manually un-flooding inundated fields around the village. Our self-directed tasks highlighted our fringe relationship to farming practices and food production. The tasks we performed were minimally helpful; impossible to complete and with little practical impact. Other projects undertaken during the residency visualised the hidden relationship we have as individuals to large-scale energy systems, attempting to create a link between local and global, personal and the universal. All works by Lizzy Sampson and Hervé Senot.


Twin Towers

trunks and trees

Temperature Empathy Replicate


Moss room2

Moss Bucket

Forest Horizonlrg

current current

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