Poles Apart

Flags screenshotDuring a collaborative summer studio residency at BLINDSIDE ARI in Melbourne, Shae Rooke and I used a series of conceptual and practical ‘exercises’ to shift, alter or guide each other’s perspectives and practices. Using viewing devices as starting points, such as cameras, binoculars, microscopes and telescopes, BLINDSIDE became an observation deck of sorts. These devices were used in and out of the studio throughout the project – mirroring, mimicking, expanding, contracting and mediating our view of the world.Through an experimental process-based approach we challenged our practices, our intuition and our perspectives. Questioning the nature of individual practice through sharing concepts and exploring the possibilities of failure, the resulting work was a series of collaborative videos and installations.

Images by Shae Rooke and Lizzy Sampson


Through a Glass Darkly (catalogue essay by Jessie Scott)

Blindviews (project website)

Shae Rooke


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