Reporting Practices

Extract from Reporting Practices Jan-Jun, 2018

Borrowed books from Dad
Arranged woodchips – going for a ‘retainer wall’ vibe but not sure it’s working.
Photographed woodchip wall to see it from different angles.
Collapsed half of it to try and get a different feeling.
Read open call for works about walking. Checked out the page but wasn’t convinced that the website/platform was somewhere I wanted to show my work.
Emailed G.
Took several videos of clouds closing in on themselves. Haven’t quite shot the right footage so flag this for to do
Submitted images to the printer for chiffon fabric – hang on metronome.
Thought about text to sew into all my clothes. Work Wear / Working / …
Joined Women’s Art Register
Swept the floor of the studio. Used two brooms.
Made coffee.
Cleaned the desk.
Went to Martyn Coutts Shell Game. Spoke about the islands in the South China Sea, made prediction.
Took a week off social media to see how my brain/thoughts/energy adjusted/changed.
Searched for sewing scissors, inadvertently ended up cleaning the cupboards.
Returned bucket to studio.
Spoke with C about arts practice etc
Asked N & H about cameras
Wondered if I’d ever carried a banner in my life – tried to remember, Bairnsdale procession? Thought about why banners and signs are so appealing. Noted that the banners in SLV collection archives were either Protest Banners or Sports Banners. Other contexts?
Read ‘Blood on the Wattle’
Printed Reporting Practices
Read How to toil in obscurity
Picked up a pamphlet about the Human Rights children have. Will attend forum this Tuesday.
CV updates

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