I’m undertaking an Artist Residency in Motherhood beginning in 2016. ARIM was set up by Lenka Clayton.

Potential Energy

A few months ago while out walking, I couldn’t believe my luck when I found an old wooden rubber stamp on the nature strip in Reservoir – I mean what are the chances!? I’d been collecting lost, dropped and discarded objects for awhile and this was just a gem of a find! The stamp was blank – the original text long gone. The handle’s a bit rickety but apart from that, it’s in good nick. I’ve thought for months about what the stamp could say – reluctant to commit to one phrase, one word, one line which can’t be changed. I’ve settled on Potential Energy – which in physics is the energy stored within an object in relation to its position against other objects. The stamp for me holds such potential – the challenge being trying to find what that is.

Potential Energy

Birth Weight

Birth Weight 3340 grams Lizzy Sampson

Highs and Lows

Highs and Lows, Lizzy Sampson

Neighbourhood Arrangements

Daily cuttings of plants found outside the boundaries of fence-lines, collected whilst walking.

Neighbourhood Arrangements

Objects found while walking

Found toy composition Lizzy Sampson



Dating Rocks

Copyright Lizzy Sampson

13 Winds (Les Treize Vents)
Grasses in the thirteen winds

wind clock collage

Noticing an unmoved presence

Holding Onto Things
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Found Box with Found Blocks
Found box with found blocks

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