Temporary Agency is a responsive project, whose end-point is not known in advance, and whose dynamic will be shaped by the public.

The exhibition is a social and creative experiment unfolding over the course of a month, where the possibility of cohesive meaning in the aggregation of simple tasks will be explored. Anyone can contribute to the project by visiting the Random Assignment Database (R.A.D).

Visit the R.A.D now!

Temporary Agency will be held at West Space gallery, from 6 March until 5 April.

Temporary Agency Lizzy Sampson - Herve Senot_3 Lizzy Sampson - Herve Senot_3crop Lizzy Sampson - Herve Senot_4 Lizzy Sampson - Herve Senot_5 Lizzy Sampson - Herve Senot_6

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