Boot Camp: Survival was an artist-led professional development exercise, undertaken at Dear Patti Smith in January, 2013.
Boot Camp Survival


Boot Camp Survival

Boot Camp SurvivalThe 6 artists participating in Boot Camp: Survival remained in ‘lock-down’ for two 12 hour periods, undertaking collaborative exchanges, sharing practice methodologies, leading activities, and completing creative tasks over the 24 hour period.

Each artist brought to the gallery one survival pack only. For the most part, these packs reflected a mix of tools relating to both survival as an artist and survival in the wild. Together, the contents of these packs (including food) constituted the only materials we had to work with over the duration of Boot Camp.

The project took its starting point from two main areas of concern; a desire to open up collaborative practice amongst peers and a recognition of the time poor nature of our art practices and our lives. In order to address these areas, the artists maximized hours, working through ideas and projects quickly in order to progress at a fast pace while making the commitment to Boot Camp as an intensive, experimental creative development project.

Boot Camp: Survival played on the notion of survival and endurance; both as an artist and more broadly in 2013.

Click here to see the Boot Camp: Survival website.

Participating artists: Alica Bryson-Haynes, Ria Green, Lizzy Sampson, Claire Robertson, Shae Rooke and Lisa Frankland.

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